The Atlanta Thrashers


Then you go to da box for 2 minutes by yourself... and you feel shame... then you get free
- Eddie Lemieux, explaining the penalty box in SLAPSHOT


I like sports. And I think that everyone knows that Atlanta has got the major sports covered. I sit here today and one of our teams is in first place. It isn’t the Braves, it surely isn’t the Hawks, and, of course, its not the Falcons.

It’s the Thrashers. Yep, NHL hockey. Right here in the ATL. Old time hockey..
Eddie Shore would be proud. And, unfortunately, no one’s talking. I felt compelled to say something.

I listened to the game on my way home tonight on 680 the Fan. Dan Kamal is awesome at play by play. It was like listening to the original six with my grandpa. Listening to the quick goals by Kolvachuk, Belanger, Sim (twice), and Vigier got my blood pumping.

Hockey is a tremendous sport which is simultaneously the most graceful thing you’d ever see and the most vicious. In this way it is something that all humans should be able to relate to.

Additionally, you have to love that our Thrashers made significant moves at the deadline to improve and really run at the Stanley Cup. Keith Tkachuk, Alexei Zhitnik, Eric Belanger, & Pascal DuPuis all bring some real fire to the team. Wish the other Atlanta Teams could learn from them.

Watch the games, go to one or two , listen on the radio. The Atlanta Pro Hockey Team is going to the Stanley Cup Playoffs this year.

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