Poole's Mill Covered Bridge

It is pretty hot outside as it gets this hot every year. I often get slowed down by the heat. One only has a few choices. Stay Inside. Get out at dawn. Go outside to go inside. Or get wet. The last answer made me think of a place that marries a great swimming hole with one of my other fascinations: covered bridges. The place is Poole’s Mill Covered Bridge just under 1 hour North of Atlanta in Cumming, Georgia (Park website here ).

The covered bridge was built in 1901 in the town lattice style while Dr. D. L. Pool owned the land as an addition to a gristmill and sawmill he had on that property (The reason for the extra “e” in the current titling is a mystery). Its 95 feet long, 14.5 feet wide and spans the waters of Settendown Creek. The bridge did collapse in 1980 but it was refurbished and a wonderful park built around it. 
The most noticeable feature in the park is the number of folks playing in the waters of the cascades of Settendown Creek just a few dozen yards downstream. I’ve taken to wearing clothes that allow me to cool off if the opportunity presents itself, but I only went in up to my knees. There’s even an old tree swing allowing kids to dive into the slightly deeper waters nearer the bridge.

As for the hiking trails of the area, there’s about 1.1 miles of trails, which are pretty easy. There’s a fence downstream that you can get around in order to explore the stream further, if you like. We went this way rather than the main path away from the bridge which leads to Miller’s House (a private residence that was once the supervisor’s home for the mill). Along the way, and aside from the bridge, you get nice views of falling waters, good rock formations, and pastoral quiet river views. We also saw some ducks and the always fun to watch swimming dogs. There were people picnicking and getting some sun. I would categorize this more of a pleasant walk than a meaningful hike, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t enjoyable. It actually means that it’s more kid and dog friendly.

So in my commitment to eventually see all of Georgia’s Covered Bridges, I give you Poole’s Mill Covered Bridge. A nice walk in the park and a good place to cool off not too far from home.

Trail Essentials
Approximate Time: 1 hour
Approximate Distance: 1.2 mi
Trail Surface: Compact Soil, Rocks
Features: Covered Bridge, Waterfalls, Riverside views

Overall Rating: B

Scenic Quality: A
Athleticism: C
Solitude: C
Value: A
Parking: Free
Hours of Operation: Closes at Dark and November thru Spring
Facilities: Yes
Maps: none, not really necessary
County: Forsythe


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