Alcovy Mill Waterfall

The Finest Waterfall in Gwinnett County Map

Earlier this year I mentioned the waterfall not far from the newly opened Freeman‘s Mill Park . I think I called it “the finest waterfall in Gwinnett County". I didn’t show the photos at the time because it technically wasn’t part of the park and I thought it was special enough to have mention on its own. I don’t know what they are called or even if they have a name, but I will refer to it as the Alcovy Mill Waterfall (the pointer in the map above points to its approximate location).

I tried to locate some information about it, but without a name its hard to find. I know that its right by the Alcovy River, and near the mill, hence the moniker I have chosen. Now based on the fact that the water comes from a direction other than the way the river runs, makes me think its some other creek or stream (and any information will be appreciated).

To get there, park in the Freeman’s Mill Parking Lot, Walk towards the mill and then to the street and cross the bridge. Once across the bridge, look to the North and with sufficient rainfall it should be visible at about two hundred yards. Make your way down to this creek and follow it till you get to the falls. You can cross the stream relatively easily on a very strategically placed log. You can, from there see Freeman’s Mill from the waterwheel side, and make your way up the falls to get some additional pretty view of the upstream source.

Now, I call it a waterfall, but more specifically it is a pleasant cascade. It falls at this base a little over twice my height, which I would estimate at about 15 feet. Further up there are cascades of just a few feet in height. I wish I could tell you more about its source or history, but I simply just don’t know. I hope some readers might add some information in the future.

I give this its own stand alone entry on this website because I am so very happy to find something of this quality so nearby being only five miles from where I work and 12 miles from home. I called it Gwinnett’s finest waterfall, because the only other one I know worth mentioning is in the middle of Little Mulberry Park , and these both pale when compared to what can be found an hour or more away. But when it rains and the trip up North just can’t be done, its nice to know that you can take a short drive to something this pretty.

Trail Essentials
Approximate Time: 20 minutes
Approximate Distance: .4 miles (round trip from parking lot)
Trail Surface: not much of a trail
Features: Waterfall, historic gristmill, riverside view
Overall Rating: B
Scenic Quality: B
Athleticism: C-
Solitude: B
Value: B+
Parking: Free
Hours of Operation: No stated hours, parking by Freeman’s Mill Park hours
Facilities: At the nearby park
Maps: None
County: Gwinnett


  1. I must agree on this being Gwinnett's best waterfall. We are even more fortunate, living approximately two miles away from the gem that is Freeman's Mill and these falls. Thanks for sharing.

  2. We tried to find the falls but could not. :( We crossed the highway bridge with the mill down to our right. Do you go in from the highway through the trees?

  3. My Grandparents owned a large farm just up from Alcovy Church and as children we would follow the creek that ran through the farm to the waterfall and mill.

  4. I don't believe this is Alcovy River. It goes through the dam. The creek with cascades/waterfalls joins the river just before the Alcovy Road. For some strange reason is not on the map.



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