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I just read an article in the Gainesville Times , saying that Anna Ruby Falls Scenic Area will be closed for 45 days, starting Feb 9th. And with the Spring approaching fast, my mind turns to waterfalls and they way they sparkle with the Spring thaw. So I thought I might post a few pics of Anna Ruby from the Spring of 2008. And wonder what exactly can they do to renovate a natural wonder.

Anna Ruby Falls is an uncommon twin waterfalls located in the Anna Ruby Falls scenic area at the very back of Unicoi State Park . You can drive all the way to the Visitor Center and park (with a parking fee of $1 a person), or if you are more adventurous you could hike the Smith Creek Trail (5 miles) from the Park to the Scenic Area (parking is $3 a carload), though this trail will also be closed during the construction period. From the Anna Ruby Falls visitor center it is a simple .4 mile stroll along a riverside, walking on pavement to two separate observation decks. Not much of a hike (Trail Info), but a splendid diversion during the non-drought months.

The taller of the two falls plunges 153 feet from Curtis Creek on the left, and the smaller on drops from York Creek about 50 feet. At the bottom, you walk alongside the newly formed Smith Creek, which is the parcel of water you walk alongside on the approach. The name Anna Ruby comes from Anna Ruby Nichols, the daughter of John H. Nichols, a Colonel and early settler of the area, who owned much of the land there years ago (I here they are trying to make his old homestead across from the Nacoochee Indian Mound into another park for our enjoyment). The two observations decks (prior to remodel) are placed on each end of the walkway afforded a better view of each fall individually, rather than taken as a whole.

We stopped by here during one of visits to Helen, Georgia as it is only a few miles away and an easy stop for those who are not looking for strenuous exercise, yet are looking for something else interesting nearby. There is a 3 mile trail that runs from Unicoi into Helen, if you need to work off the beer and bratwursts.

So the Spring is here and the waterfalls are ready to please. When April rolls around you ought to venture up to Anna Ruby to see what additions or improvements the caretakers of this Georgia wonder have in store for us. I have put it on my list of things to do.

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  1. this is one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen =)



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