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From Suwanee Greenway

After buying a mountain bike this Summer, I found myself looking for nice flat stretches of land for a casual ride. It’s not that I can’t do all the ups and downs. It’s more that sometimes I don’t want to. And you never really notice how hilly Atlanta is until you start biking around. Or maybe I’m just getting old. Whatever the case, the best piece of flat stretch bike path in Gwinnett County is the Suwanee Greenway (Map of the Trail available here).

Now, some will talk incessantly about the Silver Comet Trail. And I’ll admit, the Silver Comet Trail is nice. But it has two things I don’t like. First, you have all those Vehicle Crossing intersections. Secondly, it’s got something that Atlanta unfortunately has in Spades, specifically pretentious jerks. In this Case, pretentious jerk cyclists with their $500 bike, super tight racing shorts, and get out of my way attitude. I want a nice, casual yet physical run. Thus Suwanee is the place for me.

At a short 5 miles one way, it keeps the fanatics off the course, but to me 5 miles is just about perfect. It runs from Suwanee Creek Park through to George Pierce Park with Paved surfaces all but the last part entering George Pierce. You need more riding, you could add several more miles in George Pierce Park. I prefer the paved flat road, and normally park on the only trafficked road you need to cross, Martin Farms Road.

It explores the Suwanee Creek, which has become quite the story in reclamation of environmentally damaged areas. There was a time about 30 years prior, when the creek ran black due to dumping by the Bon Allen Tannery in Buford. Today, its pretty, relatively pristine, and a haven for birds and plant life. It demonstrates visibly how we can improve our surroundings, if we decide that’s important to us.

So here is a nice, reasonably flat stretch of space for the Gwinnett beginner can get his/her feet wet at the Biking Game. And you can hang out under the overpass, should you get caught in the rain.


  1. Im confused. I have seen 2 websites (including yours) that say the greenway is 5 miles. however, this photo shows a distance of 4:
    Where can I find more detailed information about the greenway, its length, and its starting and ending points?

  2. To be honest, I didn't map it to get the distance, just used information available online. The photo does show 4miles from the inside Suwanee Creek Park to George Pierce Park. The 5 mile number probably counts the loop within Georgia Pierce Park (its a big park). I'm not a huge stickler on distance, if you need more mileage, cut across the Bike Path on McGinniss Ferry into Old Town Suwanee, that will probably get you over seven.



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