New Years Resolutions

Where is the Baboon? I’m here. I’m OK. Despite the rumors and grumblings. I’m not dead, nor in the hospital nor given up on this site. I just haven’t been enthusiastic about being (being alive has too dark of connotations, so I will leave it as being). I have been without enthusiasm for much of anything of late, but please understand that I take a sense of accomplishment that this site is still useful to so many. And that I have actual followers and RSS readers. My appreciation is real.

I kind of stopped posting in September without much fanfare. I got a little busy with the political season which ate up much of my free time (this was time well spent, I have no regrets and a small sense of accomplishment). There was also a work related crisis of Brobdingnagian proportions, which consumed what was left of my energy. But it brings me to my unspoken understanding about this endeavor chronicling the way out of your house and into the world in which we live, that it would have a natural hibernation period in the colder months. I’ve never said it before but the site will most likely not have any new posts between October and March (or at minimum be strongly curtailed). I apologize for this inconvenience but it helps my sanity. So please understand that if I am not here in December, I am not gone for good, but merely spending more time with my family or other interests just like you are. [Here’s a little tidbit about me, I create this website at my personal computer which resides in an unheated garage attached to my home in Lilburn, my fingers are a little numb right now, so there are extenuating weather considerations during these respites.] I am proud of this site and my intent is to continue it until the bitter end. Someday I’ll be posting about a Casino trip from the rest home on my laptop. Or at minimum, I will let everyone know of my retirement should it come.

As for resolutions, I’ve hinted at a few new things I will be doing throughout the two years of posts. I am going to include some other hobbies of mine for your perusal and commentary. These include but are not limited to Food, Drink, Religion, Politics, & Baseball. But the bigger change is an attempt to honor the very last word in my title. This year there will be actual commentary about life. I have a lot to say, but I have spent the last decade being quiet and appearing happy and successful. And as my 40th birthday lurks not two months hence, I resolve to speak again.

I promise not to post small tidbits of daily garbage. Not to discuss small concepts like the Gwinnett Trash Crisis or a particular political candidate. Just like my view of the outside world, I will tackle the grander philosophies and observations on life, which hopefully may have some application to your daily lives. If you want particulars on particulars, you can email me, I nearly always answer.

I will also include information on a few points of interest that I have traveled to that are not within my self imposed three hour radius. These will be entitled “A bit further out” but take that to mean more of a vacation idea than a weekend excursion. In the recent past I’ve traveled to Little Rock, Bardstown, Memphis, as well as several Florida locations. And this year I am being forced to take five complete weeks of vacation under a new use them or lose them policy.

These new resolutions are designed to inform you, invigorate my life, and keep me interested. I hope you will enjoy the ride.



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