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Really nice places to Bicycle are hard to find. They can be too short or too easy or too long or too difficult. Especially, when you are talking offroad biking. I’ve seen fellow rider who barely bat an eye at 30 miles on paved surface quit after a couple of miles of singletrack dirt. And this is because Mountain Biking is pretty hard work. One of the better places I have found for the novice to intermediate mountain bicyclist is Harbins Park
near Dacula, GA.

The Park is relatively new being built late in 2009. And it appears to be constructed with the bicyclist as the primary focus, which makes it the first of its kind in Gwinnett County. There are trails marked for Equestrian and Hiking use, but only the 4.5 miles of paved trail are the usages combined, giving the Bicyclist the right of way on his path (Maps downloadable here).

The Bike Paths are a series of loops that are rated intermediate. Because Mountain Biking is difficult, I’m not always looking for the hardest thing I can find. I’m looking for a place I can have a bit of fun and work up a bit of sweat over an hour, or maybe two hour period. Harbins is probably the best I’ve seen fulfilling these requirements.

There’s also a pretty little stream, some form of runoff of the Alcovy River, which makes for a pleasant picture and calming sound of rushing water. It also makes a good place for a break in a pastoral setting. There is also a big hill near the telephone lines, which I’m simply not crazy enough to tackle, but had some fun watching others risk they’re necks. Another nice thing is that the longer paved trail intersects the bike trail in several spots which allows for an easier break of flatter Earth or to back out and quit if the feeling should present itself.

If want a really hard dirt trail, skip this one and go to the nearby Fort Yargo. If want pretty easy, skip this one, and head to the nearby trail at Tribble Mill Park. But, if you are like me, and looking for a medium challenge like me, somewhere in between, Harbins Park in Gwinnett is just right. There’s a nice video by Singletracks on YouTube here.

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