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I shouldn't have to tell you about Braves Baseball . And in the spirit of full disclosure, I am a Cub fan first and a Brave Fan second. But our Braves need a little love. There are Atlantans who can legally drink who couldn't remember the last time the Braves didn't win the division. Its the lean times that proves your merit as a fan. It the lean times that build character. And the Braves ain't exactly lean. They are one of the top teams in the National League.

Plus, you got some great vets, like Smoltz and the Jones Boys. For my money, I think Smoltz is the most money pitcher of this generation (check out his post season numbers). Ahead of Clemens, Maddux, Randy Johnson, you name it. And you got some up and coming stars like Brian McCann, Troy Hudson, and Edgar Renteria. And you got some kick ass rookies like Escobar, Saltalamacchia, Harris, and Johnson. A couple of good turns from the back end of the rotation and this team could go all the way.

Furthermore, the stadium is beautiful. And the cheaper seats are better than the expensive ones . Why would you want to pay a bunch to sit with the snobs in the corporate boxes. The fans, the true fans, who love the game sit in the cheap seats. Sit there, save money, and be proud.

Additionally, Baseball is America's game. Its the best sport to watch and the only place where its good to buy a five dollar beer without naked dancing women.

It's a little pricey, but still the best game in town.

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  1. The drinking Braves' fans who can't remember the last time their team didn't win a division must be drinking A LOT. The Braves finished in third last year (2006).



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