Why call yourself the Urban Baboon?

I wanted to find a name that was easy to remember, fun to say, and summed up what I wanted to do with the website.
I turned 38 on March 4th, 2007 (which is the ceremonial birthdate of the website), and realized that I was becoming all the things I hated about my 30 something friends. I worked, I went home, I watched TV, and was in a real rut. I felt that I lived in a really great city to live in, but I wasn't very good at living there. I wanted to dare myself to explore my surroundings, and report back to the world, because, I believe, that there are probably a few other folks out there, who feel about the same as I did. And I wanted to provide some sort of guidance to them. I am really sort of a city idiot. My Friend Dan Turro and me bounced a few ideas back and forth and after a few drinks we decided that Urbanbaboon was a good Idea. Who doesn't like monkeys?

Why are you qualified to tell us about Atlanta?

Actually, I am not. I have a few areas of expertise, investments, greek philosophy, Catholicism, Fantasy Football and Baseball. But I wasn't even born here. I moved here in 2001, shortly after my divorce. But that's exactly the point, because I am a novice, I am going to provide a guide for the novice Atlantan, the newbie, the uninspired, the unmotivated. If I can get just one butt out of the house and moving about this great city of ours my works is worthwhile.

Why don't you post daily or at least on a set schedule?

My Goal is six posts a month without a set time frame. The website has helped jumpstart my life so a portion of the time is spent living. Another portion is spent working and sleeping; And the occasional laundry. So six a month is a good goal. Furthermore, the content of most of the posts will not be so time specific that it won't be meaningful. I want to stress the things that are available for us everyday. So even if you click a March post in September, it still might get you out of the house. Additionally, a single post is significantly more work than just my daily thoughts.

Where does the history fit in to the general purpose?

I have two godsons who live in Atlanta, one just starting high school and one in middle school. I am often frustrated at there choices for research projects. It seems that all they want to learn about is entertainers. I suggested a few local stories to them and there interest was piqued at least a little. So a secondary purpose of the website is to be a topical resource for people who are interested in learning about the area. The posts will not answer everything, they are meant to be a jumping off point.

Why don't you check out ...?

For the most part, I would be glad to. Just email me the details: Click To Send E-mail .

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