Snowy Amicalola

Obligatory Snow Post by Atlanta Area Resident Map
From January 2011 Snow at Amicalola Falls

Ok, everybody heard that it snowed pretty significantly this January. And every blogger, twitterer, and facebooker put up their photos of the Atlanta Blizzard. And those who know me and who I am said to me over and over again, why don’t you do something. Well, as the good weather is right around the corner, and my website is technically not open for the 2011 season just yet. I thought I might show you my snow pictures, specifically a revisit to Amicalola Falls the week following the major snowstorm.

Now I thought, with the snow melting that the falls might be raging. And the winter time is best for Amicalola because you can get the full view of the falls through the naked trees. However, the snow had no quite melted enough just yet and the falls, though flowing were not tremendously powerful. I placed a short video at the bottom of this post, so you can see for yourself.

Hiking up to the top of the falls was my first outdoor excursion this year. I was a bit out of practice with two months of relative inactivity literally under my belt. And the climb up to the top of Amicalola is no walk in the park, but we survived a little better than I expected. Never really having clomped up a mountainside over a snow covered patch, I felt good that no one fell and we made it up in one piece. The discovery that frosted trails are pretty slippery wasn’t really a shock, but it did slow the pace a bit as paying careful attention to footwork became a much higher priority.

The bright blue January sky made for beautiful vista views and the waters of Amicalola, though subdued, still came through with enough show to make the day in the Snowy Metro Atlanta Countryside well worth the effort. Amicalola is truly one of the can’t miss sites in North Georgia and well worth returning trips snow or no snow.


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