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I try to keep the things I point out in the city on the cheap side. Its not that I can't afford things, It simply that I'm frugal and I understand that many of the folks in the city need to stretch the dollar. But on occasion, I feel compelled to speak about great things in the city that cost a little bit of money. I wanted to speak about ZooAtlanta. I took far more photos on this one than I can easily place in a blog format, so I would remind you that you can click any photo and get through to my complete Zoo photo gallery with 80 pics.

Now, I've been to Zoo's in big cities like Chicago. I've been to Zoo's that are really famous like San Diego. I've been to the National Zoo in DC. All that being said, I had one of my most enjoyable times at the ZooAtlanta in Grant Park. They had all the standards, cool monkeys (my favorites), snakes, birds, and elephants. They had a pretty little petting zoo. They had a good amount of Kangaroos. What was really neat is that I went in the middle of the day during the heat and the animal were not just sleeping. The curators plan events to keep the animals active to make it a more pleasurable experience. I really appreciated it.

Probably the highlight of the day is the Panda exhibit with Mei Lan, the baby Panda . Mei Lan turns one year old in early September. And will probably be shipped to China after she turns two. So if you want to see the baby Panda, you had better go see the baby Panda sooner than later.

As for the cost, save yourself some money by visiting Atlantix at Lenox Square or Underground Atlanta. You can normally get a ticket for $12.66 [Aug 07] (Normal prices are $18 for adults and $13 for kids). The Atlantix Email listing I will place at the bottom of this post. Or if you are planning a series of visits, there is always the Citypass for $64.

Its fun. Its educational. Its not too expensive. Its well executed. Its located in beautiful Grant Park next to the Cyclorama and very near Historic Oakland Cemetary. This Baboon recommends our Zoo.

Zoo Atlanta ~ Grant Park [ Lenox Square or Underground Atlanta]
A wild time awaits you! Zoo Atlanta is home to nearly 700 individual animals from around the world and provides them with naturalistic environments that simulate their native land. Don't miss the fun and excitement of the Orkin Children's Zoo and KIDZone area. This is the perfect place for kids to gain hands-on experience with our animals. Check out the new Wild Like Me exhibit. For more info go to www.zooatlanta.org
Hours: Daily 9:30am-5:30pm - $12.66 **Available daily for same day and next day admission**

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