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From Oconee Indian Mounds

Now I posted a while back about the really cool ruins at Scull Shoals. In that post, I mentioned that one book I read said there were Indian Mounds not too far from there, but I didn’t go. I went back last year with the sole purpose of finding those mounds and I did. People have asked me how every place I go I seem so excited about. The answer to that question is that if I go somewhere and its underwhelming, I tend to shelve the story. But in response to an email, I bring you the story of the Oconee Indian Mounds Trail (here or here)

These photos were taken in April of 2009, after I went with a different friend and his dog to see Skull Shoals. The ruins there were just as nice the second and third times. It was early enough in the day and my companion was game so I sought out this trail a short distance away. To get there, take the road that was the last chance to turn right headed to Scull Shoals, drive a short distance, take the next left, and go to the end. Trust me it’s not far, I met a man who ran between the two sites as exercise.

The trail itself is only one mile long and flat. Just like anything else in the Oconee floodplain, it has a good chance to be muddy, swampy, and murky, as was the case on our jaunt. When you get to the end you will see signs denoting the historical significance of the area and not to disturb the artifacts. The mounds themselves are difficult to see being covered by trees and at the edge of a pretty swampy area. If you were expecting a mound site akin to Ocmulgee or Etowah, that won’t be the case. There is no doubt of its archeological importance, being two good size Lamar Indian Mounds, but its visual significance is minimal. The picture above is one of the mounds.  But that’s ok, not everything has to be a monumental attraction. The best part of the trip was that a total stranger we met on the trail offered us a beer, I told him I would write about him but I didn’t get around to it until now. I think his name was Jim, and I am sure he worked in some nearby factory in the HR department, so here’s my public thanks (He said he read my site—email me if your him and describe the dog so I will know its you).  It was the second time in two weeks that had happened.

So if you are looking for a tidy little add-on to your Scull Shoals day, this place works. Or if you are the type who wants to soak in every piece of Indian Heritage you can find, you should put the Oconee Indian Mounds Trail on your list. And if you are an actual archeologist, I bet this is stupendous. But if you are looking for great photos, Scull Shoals will probably dwarf this site in your mind.

Trail Essentials
Approximate Time: 30-45 minutes
Approximate Distance: 1 mile
Features: Indian Mounds
Overall Rating: B-

Scenic Quality: C+
Athleticism: C-
Solitude: A-
Value: B
Parking: Free
Hours of Operation: Daylight hours
Facilities: None
Maps: None
County: Greene County

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