State of the Baboon 2009

Happy Birthday to me..
Happy Birthday to me..
Happy Birthday dear Baboo-oon
Happy Birthday to me..
And There will be many more…(promise)

Last year when I posted my first State of the Baboon address, I was excited and proud and planned big things for the year to come. This year I am a bit less excited, more cautiously optimistic. Last year, we saw gas prices go through the roof and the start of the grand economic depression we are in and I will admit that these things got to me. It caused me to be less energetic, less inspired, less willing to travel.

So that is why I am cautiously optimistic and not bubbling over with pride. I wrote down that I wanted to get to 25000 visitors by my next birthday (and yes the man behind the Baboon turns 40 today), and I sit at 47500 visitors, nearly doubling my goal in spite of my diminished effort. I appreciate every single one of those hits, it tells me that this two year old hobby may have some real value to others, that its not in vain.

I also received some nice emails from different folks throughout the year. And I think I answered all of them but two (Sorry you two). They almost always make me happy. And a special thanks to the Atlanta Shutterbugs (they know who they are), who made me feel like a celebrity for a day or two.

I promise this site will continue and March 4 each year will be the jumping off point. I would post a bit this week but I am in Florida enjoying some Sun and Spring Training. This blog will be there each week to hopefully highlight something new and interesting. There will be some new additional directions, as outlined in my New Years Post. So I won’t go there now. I do plan on adding a link for support of the Baboon, not that I’m trying to get rich, my intent is that the information will always be free as Information should be, but if you want to be a pal and buy a coffee mug or something to defer the cost I hope there’s no problem with that (My financial goal is to make enough money at this so that I can deduct the costs of all my trips.)

Any way the State of the Baboon is hopeful, hopeful for the world, hopeful for this site, and hopeful that you might still come along on this ride with me. I promise I’ll do my best to post new interesting things each week, and I apologize in advance for the few times where I know I will fail in that attempt. After All, I am a lower level primate.

Doug Boyle
the urban baboon

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