Cricket in Georgia


As I am always on the search for new and interesting things to do or see, I was invited by a Bajan (from Barbados) friend of mine to view an Invitational Cricket tournament held right in the Atlanta Area in Burdett Park in historic College Park, Georgia.

It would be extremely tough for me to explain how Cricket is actually played, as my understanding is pretty rudimentary. It is one of the forerunners of my favorite sport, baseball. And it is immensely popular in many countries, chiefly those which used to be British Commonwealth countries. Most of the folks at this event were West Indian in descent.

This Invitational is an adjunct of the Georgia Supreme Cricket League, a league that plays here in Georgia at four separate parks every Sunday. There website was having some problems but can be accessed at (if not try this one). I was assured that every weekend has music and a festival like atmosphere. For a modest price, I was able to get some nice and spicy jerk chicken, with rice and peas (as they say) and wash it down with a Red Stripe on the QT. I had a very nice time, if you like Cricket, or West Indian food and Culture, or just are looking for a nice way to pass the day at the park, you could watch the Cricketeers at no charge.


To see how popular the sport truly is or to learn more about the sport worldwide, goto


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