Been Quiet a long time

 When I was 10 years old, I knew nothing, and let everyone know it. At age 20, I knew everything, but was wrong it that assumption, but still was happy to unleash this lack of understanding on anyone I could find. Upon turning 30, I knew very little, but at least I learned enough to keep my mouth shut. Now, that I’m slightly North of 40, I’m beginning to think that keeping mum is doing a disservice to the world, or at least to me, because there are too many people listening to folks who think they know everything. So I think it’s time I find my voice again.

I’ve built this little site and it’s mine to do with as I wish. Please understand I’m not going to stop doing what I am doing, but with some regularity, I will indulge myself with posts about other topics. Some will be without controversy, like restaurants and books and music. Some will be thoughts about the future in regards to things for which this site is already known. Some might be about promotions or events in the area. But, some may draw the ire of some folks especially if I touch on sensitive topics like politics or religion. My intent is not to offend but to put forth one rational voice into the ether in hopes of inspiring, at minimum, conversation in a pleasant manner. 

I’ve changed the names of the works about visiting places from “posts” to "articles." And these articles will continue be the driving force for the website. I will use the term “posts” to refer to anything I write, including messages such as this. On the plus side, it will most likely keep me posting longer into the season, with shorter “vacations.” And, if you care, you will learn a little more about me. On the down side, I understand that many of you hold differing opinions from mine, and you may not like this. I apologize up front for that. But I know that the posts where I expressed more of how I truly felt drew the most feedback. So I believe there is a demand for this type of endeavor. If you disagree or need to be heard, the comments form is there for you to use. I will continue to only “moderate” comments that are spam, use offensive language, and that are not in English.

The nature of the site will remain unchanged. It is still about one man’s journey trying to find the cure for birth and death in life. And sometimes these cures are a bit more than moments alone in the woods. Thoughts are a large part of my life, so I beg your indulgence about allowing me to bounce these thoughts off you, my reading public.

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  1. man, you are too cool. i have a growing desire to personally meet you, especially since i now find out that you're my age.

    i forget how i stumbled upon this site, probably a couple of months ago -- if that -- but i've been taking my wife and kids (ages 2-9) on many of the hikes, already repeating some of them. in fact, we're heading up to one of the recent posts near helen this weekend.

    because of their ages, and my city girl, we are restricted, but moving faster than i would have thought even three months ago. because they love it so much,
    i look forward to each post/article, and i'm also looking forward to the site evolving.

    although the site is a welcome relief from the 24/7 news cycle that i find (and maybe it's me) in my feeds, and on social sites, i get the sense that the subjects will get the same treatment as the outdoors' stuff. stay cool.



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